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Prosci | The Global Leader in Change Management Solutions

The Prosci ADKAR ® Model is a results-oriented approach to managing change based on a simple truth: company-wide change happens one person at a time.. Providing a simple step-by-step approach, the ADKAR Model helps you and your team effectively manage individual change. You’ll use proven strategies and tools to guide individuals through changes like a new system, …

Change Management Resource Center | Prosci

Why Change Management. Best Practices in Change Management. Measuring Impact. The Prosci Methodology. Project Management and Change Management – An Integrated Approach. The Prosci Change Triangle (PCT) Model: Tracking Project Health. ADKAR: The Five Building Blocks of Individual Change. Individuals Are the Epicenter of Success.

Change Management Tools & Resources – Prosci

Effective organizational change requires the right expertise, tools and resources. We’ve collected two decades worth of best-practice research and methodologies to bring you a robust suite of change management support tools. These resources are a must-have whenever you need to implement successful individual or organizational change.

Proxima Change Management Software | Prosci

Proxima is a web application that guides you through the Prosci Methodology to help you achieve change success and deliver value to the organization. Accessed via the Prosci Portal, Proxima provides a structured, intuitive way for you to work through the phases, stages and activities of the Prosci 3-Phase Process for each of your projects.

Enterprise Portal Subscription – Prosci

The Enterprise Portal Subscription provides unlimited access to the most advanced change management tools and resources in the discipline. Whether making the case for change management, applying change management on a project, or measuring change management effectiveness, the Prosci Portal allows your organization to leverage tools to deliver …

Change Management Practitioner eToolkit Renewal – Prosci

A key to success for change practitioners is having ongoing access to tools, templates and research, making the Practitioner eToolkit a vital resource for Prosci Certified professionals. The eToolkit is continually updated, and ongoing enhancements will propel your project forward and increase your success as a change practitioner. Click the tabs below to see the upcoming …

Bookstore – Prosci

The 11 th Edition of Prosci’s Best Practices in Change Management represents the world’s largest body of knowledge on managing the people side of change. The study compiles 22 years of industry-leading research, uncovering lessons learned and emerging trends from change management practitioners and consultants around the globe.

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