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1.3 Vital Signs – Nursing Skills

1.3 Vital Signs. Open Resources for Nursing (Open RN) Vital signs are typically obtained prior to performing a physical assessment. Vital signs include temperature recorded in Celsius or Fahrenheit, pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation using a pulse oximeter. See Figure 1.8 [1] for an image of a nurse obtaining vital signs.

Measuring and Recording the Vital Signs

The measurement and recording of the vital signs is the first step in the process of physically examining a patient – that is, in collecting objective data about a patient’s signs (i.e. what the nurse can observe, feel, hear or measure).

Changes and Abnormalities in Vital Signs: NCLEX-RN …
  • The vital signs include the assessment of the pulse, body temperature, respirations, blood pressure and oxygen saturation, which is the newest of all the vital signs. Vital signs are considered vital to the rapid assessment of the client when it is necessary to determine major changes in the client’s basic physiological functioning. Baseline vital signs are taken prior to ma…

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