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EMS SIGNALS & CODES. Code 1 Respond without lights or siren. Code 2 Respond with lights only (Auth. by Law Enf.) Code 3 Respond with lights and siren. Code 4 Disregard Code 6 Busy/On scene . Signal 1 Poor radio signal. Signal 2 Good radio signal. Signal 9 Service ambulance (fuel) Signal 12 Out at hospital. Signal 13 Possible hazardous situation

Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Codes – Thomas W. P. Slatin

Apr 29, 2021 · August 8, 2019 at 12:12 PM We get these action codes all the time. Our “George” 17B02G would be fall with hemorrhage, G=PT still on the ground. 06D01E being respiratory distress (severe) E=emphysema.

NC Police Scanner 10-Codes & Fire EMS Scanner Frequencies

Oct 04, 2021 · NC Police Scanner 10-Codes & Scanner Frequencies PLUS NC codes and signals for Fire EMS Scanner Frequencies, Police 10-Codes & Signals for Marion NC 28752. Help us keep this site up to date. Let us know if you see incorrect information. Let us know if you have additional information to add to this site.

Signal and 10 Codes – Wayne County, Indiana

Signal 2: Call Dispatch: Signal 4: Sheriff’s Office: Signal 5: Call Your Station H: Signal 6: Call-Telephone: Signal 8: Meet: Signal 9: Disregard: Signal 10: Lights …

Priority Dispatch Codes – The RadioReference Wiki
  • This page is a listing of the dispatch determinants (codes) utilized in the Priority Dispatching™ system by the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch™ (NAED™). It includes the alphanumeric codes such as 1-D-1 (i.e. 1-Delta-1), the generic text descriptors for each code, and any applicable suffixes (special situations). This list is current as of the following Priority Dis…

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  • Police Signal Codes – Sleewee hints & tips

    Nov 11, 2018 · What Are Police Signal Codes? Police signal codes and 10 codes are a system of numbers used together that represent specific activities or conditions and are usually transmitted by voice over the radio or used in mobile computer systems. The codes are typically transmitted from a dispatching center or dispatch (a central communications center) to officers …

    List of Police Radio 10 Codes Agency specific list of police radio codes that will vary depending on jurisdiction. 10-1 Signal Weak 10-36 Time 10-2 Signal Good 10-37 Operator On Duty 10-3 Stop Transmitting 10-38 Roadblock 10-4 Affirmative 10-39 Message Delivered 10-5 Relay to 10-40 Intercity 10-6 Busy 10-42 Home 10-7 Out of Service 10-43 Information 10-8 In Service 10 …


    Mar 07, 2007 · EMS Signal Codes This is standard in all of South Carolina for EMS units. EMS Signals 1 Heat Exhaustion 2 Heat Stroke 3 Seizure 4 Diabetic Reaction 5 Insulin Shock 6 Poisoning 7 Communicable Disease 8 Unconscious 9 DOA – No trans. 10 DOA – Transport 11 Abrasion/Contusion 12 Avulsion (flap of skin) 13 Laceration 14 Puncture/Stab 15 Gunshot 16 …

    a. Complete and submit this sheet to the local fire authority for approval at least 7 days prior to testing. b. Contact all affected dispatch centers at least 30 minutes in advance of testing for notification. c. Testing must be performed ONLY between 3:00am-6:00am, 7 days a week. d.

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