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Events – Sematext

Sematext brings metrics, logs, and events together in a single UI, so you can stop the annoyingly repetitive and inefficient context switching! Correlate metrics, logs, and events without switching tools. Easily spot post-release issues by correlating release events, performance metrics, and alerts. Go from alert to metrics to logs and perform …


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Sematext | IT System Monitoring Tools for DevOps

Sematext Logs provides us a flexible, extensible and reliable means of monitoring all of our environments in real time. Sematext is great for monitoring SolrCloud, with out of the box dashboards and easy to setup alerts. Sematext shows one unified view for all of our Docker log, events, and metrics!

Sematext Logs | Cloud Log Management Service | Hosted ELK

Sematext Logs is a fully managed ELK in the Cloud without Elasticsearch and infrastructure management or paying expensive consultants. Get all the benefits of an Elasticsearch API and Kibana without the overhead of managing it yourself. Ship data with your favorite log shipper – Logstash, Filebeat, rsyslog, Logagent, and many others.

Monitoring Events –

Monitoring Events. Events: What, Why, How? Sematext Cloud can graph not only performance metrics or logs, but also events. Such events may represent what is happening with a server or cluster, with an application, etc. Think application or server restarts, builds, deployments, alerts, etc. Events are graphed as a timeline.

Log Monitoring Tools & Software – Sematext

Sematext’s log monitoring software provides instant visibility into events. You can narrow the live event down using filters and visualize the live data using various charts for a quick and easy overview. View logs in real-time as soon as they are shipped. Leverage the full-screen mode and live tail together – a distraction-free UI allowing …

Sending Log Events – Sematext

Sending Log Events. To send new events to Logs Management app, you have two ways to connect – using Elasticsearch API or using syslog. HTTP / HTTPS (ports 80 / 443), by using the Elasticsearch API on / UDP / TCP / RELP / TLS, by using the syslog receiver on logsene-syslog-receiver …

Log Event Context – Sematext

May 08, 2017 · Log Context in Sematext Cloud is much like that. Once you’ve found a log event of interest a single click will expose its context. It’s like grep -C NUM, but applicable across all your infrastructure, not just one log file at a time. Step 1: Click on the Log Context button for the log event of interest.

Sematext Logs

By using log shippers you centralize and index logs from all parts in one single place, Sematext Logs. Sematext Logs supports sending logs from infrastructure, containers, AWS, applications, custom events, and much more, all through an Elasticsearch API or Syslog. It’s a cheaper alternative to Splunk or

logagent-js/example.yml at master · sematext/logagent-js …

JavaScript types can be used in various properties – looks strange, but it just works! # return ‘Wow! JS-YAML Rocks!’; # labelFilter: com.docker.*,io.kubernetes.*,annotation.*. # match: .*. # Note additional node modules are required. # to forward logs to Logagent. # Run any command and process the command output as log lines – very powerful!

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