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Sign in to access Bright Horizons Child Care and other employee benefits including Back-Up Care, Elder Care, College Coach, and EdAssist or sign up for a new account.

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Thank you for contacting Bright Horizons College Coach ®. Please call or email the Bright Horizons College Coach ® Help Desk for assistance in accessing your account. Phone: 888-527-3550. Email: Help Desk Hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM ET – 8:30 PM ET.

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Welcome to BrightWeb, our employee portal that is available to Bright Horizons employees at any time! Please note that if you are an hourly employee in North America logging-on outside of your normal work schedule, you’re welcome to do so for non-work purposes, but you won’t be paid for your time spent on the site.

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Bright Horizons | Employee Login Or Non-Employee Login Selection. Connect to your. Bright Horizons Services. Employees of Capital One click Employee Login below. Authorized contacts, care recipients, or other special access users with an existing account click Non-Employee Login. Need Help Logging In? Contact the Help Desk.

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Anytime access to guides, calculators, and informational videos helps employees and their students make confident decisions about their future education. Our online experience provides complete access to all elements – event sign-ups, resources, expert answers – on a schedule that meets the employee’s own pace. Rich online platform.

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