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Logan Temple: Interior, Renovation, and Restoration…

Jul 30, 2015 · Temple renovations are expensive. A restoration type of renovation, in Logan, would be especially so.

Logan Temple Undergoes Remodeling – Church of Jesus Christ…

Logan Temple Undergoes Remodeling LOGAN, Utah—An extensive, two-year remodeling project is under way here at the ninety-two-year-old Logan Temple. The temple, dedicated by President John Taylor in 1884, will be closed for two years while the work is in progress.

Logan Utah Temple |

The Logan Utah Temple was the second temple built in Utah. The Logan Utah Temple was the first temple built with progressive-style muraled ordinance rooms for live-acting presentation of the endowment ceremony. The Logan Utah Temple was the only temple dedicated by President John Taylor. The Logan Utah Temple was originally named the Logan Temple.

Logan Utah Temple Exterior Restoration – Jacobsen Construction…

Logan Utah Temple Exterior Restoration Originally constructed in 1884, we restored the exterior of the historic Logan Temple. The project included selective dismantlement, stone masonry restoration, stone masonry cleaning and cast stone replacement, as well as wood door and window restoration.

Preservation Update: Pioneer Temple Renovations…

Dec 04, 2019 · The St. George and Logan Temples received substantial renovations in the 1970s, and the Manti Temple had a large one in the 1980s. The Salt Lake Temple, while it did receive some treatment in the 1960s, is largely overdue for sensitive treatment, particularly in terms of seismic stability.

Hallowed face-lift: Logan LDS Temple grounds undergoing ……

Aug 04, 2009 · LDS members who visit the newly reopened Logan Temple today may get a surprise: Where there were once fountains and flowers are dirt and heavy construction equipment. The temple grounds are undergoing their most extensive renovation in 30 years, and designers hope the project will create an area that is safer, more functional and more aesthetically pleasing.

The Sad Tale of the Logan Utah Temple – 3D Latter-day Temples

Apr 06, 2021 · Let’s jump forward from the 1884 dedication of the Logan Utah Temple and 1949 the 1949 renovation, all the way up to the early 1960s. The Church did a survey of temple usage, and they found that even though there were 13 temples in the world:

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