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Jan 05, 2022 · court tv is your front row seat to justice….the parents dismembered trial is underway – 23-year-old eagle scoult chandler halderson is charged with killing his mom and dad and burying their body parts throughout their home state of wisconsin – watch court tv for gavel-to-gavel coverage….the latest episode of the court tv podcast is all about mn v. kim …

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Court TV broadcasts gavel-to-gavel live coverage of court trials every weekday from 9AM-6PM ET, followed by a live three-hour program weeknights from 6-9PM ET. Monday to Friday. 12 am – Court TV Trial Coverage; 6 am – Closing Arguments with Vinnie Politan (replay) 9 am – Court TV Live with Yodit Tewolde; 12 pm – Court TV Live with Julie Grant

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Court TV is back and devoted to around-the-clock gavel-to-gavel coverage and analysis of the nation’s top trials, beginning May 8th. Right now, you can take a sneak peek behind-the-scenes and meet our award-winning team.

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Friday, December 17th TV listings for Court TV NetworkTodayTomorrowSunday, Dec 19Monday, Dec 20Tuesday, Dec 21Wednesday, Dec 22Thursday, Dec 23Friday, Dec 24Saturday, Dec 25Sunday, Dec 26Monday, Dec 27Tuesday, Dec 28Wednesday, Dec 29Thursday, Dec 30Friday, Dec 31. Your Time Zone:

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Sunday, January 2nd TV listings for Court TV Mystery – NetworkTodayTomorrowTuesday, Jan 4Wednesday, Jan 5Thursday, Jan 6Friday, Jan 7Saturday, Jan 8Sunday, Jan 9Monday, Jan 10Tuesday, Jan 11Wednesday, Jan 12Thursday, Jan 13Friday, Jan 14Saturday, Jan 15Sunday, Jan 16. Your Time Zone: Alaska Atlantic Central Eastern Hawaii Mountain Newfoundland …

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Trials On Demand. For decades, Court TV was the home of high-profile trial coverage, including the infamous cases of O.J. Simpson, the Menendez brothers and Casey Anthony. Continuing that legacy, the Court TV is making many of these legendary trials available in their entirety, offering you a unique opportunity to revisit some of history’s …

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Now Playing. Live gavel-to-gavel coverage, in-depth legal reporting and expert analysis of the nation’s most important and compelling trials. Show Schedule. 2021-12-28T05:00Z2021-12-29T05:00Z2021-12-30T05:00Z2021-12-31T05:00Z2022-01-01T05:00Z2022-01-02T05:00Z2022-01-03T05:00Z2022-01-04T05:00Z. Show More.

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Court TV to cover groundbreaking trials in 2021. ATLANTA (Court TV) – The new year is ushering in a roster of historic and important trials and Court TV will be there – offering live, gavel-to-gavel access and analysis of the most impactful cases. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s on tap in 2021: The Death of George Floyd – Four Minneapolis police officers will be tried in the …

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Big Trials in 2022 – Court TV LIVE Special Edition. 12/23/21 Kim Potter GUILTY of All Charges. 12/22/21 Petition Asks Court to Reconsider Truck Driver’s 110-Year Sentence. 12/22/21 JonBenét Ramsey: Can New DNA Technology Crack the Case? 12/22/21 Dating App Murder Trial: Andre Warner Sentenced to Life Without Parole.

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