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Arizona Optical Metrology provides measurement solutions for optical surfaces and systems. Forged by decades of practical experience, we efficiently perform engineering and manufacture custom products for optical surface measurement, precision alignment, and …

CGH NULLS | Arizona Optical Metrology

Arizona Optical Metrology is well-known for our CGH null correctors that allow interferometric measurements of aspheric surfaces, lenses, and optical systems. AOM makes optical testing with CGH Nulls accessible to all levels of expertise.

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Arizona Optical Metrology is pleased to announce that Lacey Singh has recently been hired as Senior Administrative Associate. In her role at AOM, Lacey assists in all administrative duties, including procurement, travel coordination, website management, and payroll.

ABOUT US | Arizona Optical Metrology

About Us. Arizona Optical Metrology was formed by Drs. Chunyu Zhao and Jim Burge in 2009 to commercialize metrology solutions that they had developed at the University of Arizona in support of the large telescope projects. AOM maintains staff and equipment to provide a range of custom products and services for measuring complex optical surfaces …

Lacey Singh | Arizona Optical Metrology –

Nov 22, 2021 · AOM’s Senior Optical Engineer, Dr. Shelby Ament, to present online talk at Photonics Spectra 2022. by Lacey Singh | Dec 16, 2021 | News. Arizona Optical Metrology’s Dr. Shelby Ament will be presenting an online talk at the Photonics Spectra 2022 Conference on Tuesday January 11th 2022 at 4.15pm EST.

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Innventia is a world-leading research institute that works with innovations based on forest raw materials. The majority of our operations are carried out in project form via research programmes involving many partners, such as the three-year Innventia Research Programme, or in development projects with individual customer companies.

GHL Connect

GHL Connect

Chunyu Zhao – University of Arizona

Chunyu Zhao, PhD. College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona. 1630 E University Blvd., Tucson, Arizona 85721. Tel : 520) 6266826., or Interest. My primary interest is in testing aspheric optics with interferometer and computer generated holograms (CGH). I am also fascinated with analytical …

Very large computer generated holograms for precision …

Name: Chunyu Zhao Title: Business Official Phone: (520) 248-4453 Email:

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